Monthly Summary, July 2019

We are adding this monthly summary of Postcolonial Space, as the frequency of our blog posts has Solidarity fist with red sun behind it with the words Postcolonial Spaceincreased. The point is to provide every month, on one page,  links to all the blog entries published in a calendar month.

This is, therefore, our first such summary and as the website grows in its reach, we will try to enhance the scope of this feature and maybe expand it to include news of the field of postcolonialism and postcolonial literature itself.

We may also include your notes and announcements in our future such blogs. Please feel free to CONTACT us if you would like us to include your announcements in Postcolonial Space’s monthly summaries.

If you do not feel like using our  contact form, you can, instead,  use the comments section below to share your ideas about this new feature on Postcolonial space.

Blog Entries

Webinars/AnnouncementsBrown background with text: Webinar on scholarly writing and publishing