Brown color strip with text Webinar on Postcolonialism!

I just finished our first ever live webinar on Postcolonialism. This was a challenging task on several levels: I had to figure out live-streaming and the process of adding a chat box to our live streaming webinar page. In the end, though, everything went smoothly and about 35 people joined me for about an hour and a half.

Not only did the technology work fine, the participants also asked some really interesting questions using the chat feature, which made me feel as I was with them. I love this enabling aspect of technology: it can help us connect and share our ideas beyond national borders and across different time zones.

I am currently planning a set of webinars on Academic Publishing, but if you have any ideas for other topics, please feel free to share your ideas in the comment sections below.

Please also note that our webinar sign up page will always be available in the sidebar when an event has been finalized, but if you SIGN UP for our newsletter, you will always get our weekly updates.

And you can always reach our Live Stream page Here.

Some Ideas for Future Webinars

Here are some of the ideas that I have in mind:

  • A webinar on Academic publishing
  • A webinar on Neoliberalism
  • A webinar on Critical pedagogy
  • Several webinars about Individual books
  • Webinars on Individual theorists

Share your Suggestions!

if you have suggestions for our future topics related to webinars on Postcolonialism, please feel free to use the comments below to share them or send me a message through our CONTACT FORM.

Thank you for joining me and hope to see you all soon. And please pass the word to all those who might be interested in these webinars!

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