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Dear friends, colleagues, and supporters of Postcolonial Space. I have some news about our First Postcolonialism Webinar that I had written about a couple of days ago. Quite a few of you have shown interest in the idea and after this first webinar, I will offer some more focused webinars on postcolonialism.

I have decided that instead of conducting this seminar on Skype, I will use Youtube to stream it right from the Postcolonial Space. The reason for this is simply to make it possible for more people to access and attend the webinar without worrying about calling in a Skype number or getting an invitation from a local institution to join a Skype lecture. You can now participate in your own time and in your individual way or with a group of friends. Furthermore, this allows me to offer the webinar to an unlimited number of people.

The Webinar Access Page

Please follow this link, bookmark it, and also visit it often to see if there are any changes: Postcolonialism: Live Webinars!


Date: Saturday, July 13.

Time: 9 PM US Central Time (This would be Sunday, 7 am Pakistan Standard Time)

Format: I will not be able to see or hear you, but you will be able to interact with me in two ways:

  • You can post your questions in advance, in the comment section below, and I will incorporate those in my lecture.
  • You can also add your questions, using the chat box on the webinar page, during the live lecture.

The Back Up Plan: If, for some reason, the YouTube Steaming does not work, then I will stream the lecture on my FB book page at the same time and date. Here is the link to that: Masood Ashraf Raja!

What You Will Need to Participate?

  • A computer, tablet, or a smart phone.
  • A stable Internet connection.
  • Maybe, a quiet place or a Group gathering:)

Can you Stream it for a Group/Class?

Yes, absolutely. You should be able to watch the whole webinar as a group. The only difference is that at least one of you will have to organize it and then, if needed, post questions through the chat box below the video.

How to Participate Before the Webinar?

Please let me know, through the comments below, that you are interested in attending. Please also Sign UP for our Newsletter. Please add any questions you want me to address, or any ideas about future webinars, in the comments section below.

See you all Soon!!