Postcolonial Author Page

I have now started working on enhancing the Postcolonial Resources section of the website. As a first step, the Postcolonial Author page is being updated and revamped.

Previously, I had all the major writers listed on one page and the same page displayed brief information about each author under their respective names.

Soon, when you visit the Postcolonial Writers page, you will notice that each author name appears as a link. Each author and writer will soon have their own individual page. When you click on the page the link will take you to this specific individual page. I believe this practice of creating separate pages for authors would enable us to make entry more comprehensive and will also enable users to add links to a particular page related to a specific author.

Eventually, each  postcolonial writer page will contain a brief bio, a list of major works and a list of particular online sources on that author. I am also attempting to add at least one video source on each author, if it is available on the internet.

Furthermore, if I have taught or written about that author, I will also add my comments to the author information page. Right now, I have written at least one specific entry for each author I am teaching in the fall, and these notes will eventually be added to the individual author pages.

I encourage you all to freely use these pages for your teaching and research. As always, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to post them in the comments section below.