Open Resource: Postcolonial Space

Even though it is pretty evident from the site description that Postcolonial Space is an open resource for teachers, students, and scholars, I still get queries about the use of some of the materials on the site.

So, I want to make it absolutely clear.


Postcolonial Space is covered under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC license. This means that you can use any materials on this site, even modify them to your use, if you attribute its original creation to me and if your use is non-commercial.

Since people are most likely to modify my course syllabi for their use, and even if the syllabi will make money for the university and could be considered commercial use, I clarify here that any such use will not be considered commercial use as long as the modified version acknowledges the original work from this site.

Similarly, you are also free to use any of my articles on the post for your teaching or you can even repost these on your own websites/ blogs just as long as you attribute it to Postcolonial Space. Please make sure that any modifications or additions made to my work are clearly pointed out.

So to sum up: All content on this site is free to use with the following conditions:

  • The content cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  • The content must be attributed to this site.
  • The modifications, in articles, must be clearly marked.

Thank you all so much!!

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