Theoretical Terms Glossary

In teaching and research, knowing the nuanced meanings and definitions of various theoretical terms is absolutely important. My old site used to have a glossary that I had created over the years. That glossary of theoretical terms, sadly, was lost in transferring the site to WordPress.

I have now started rebuilding the glossary. The glossary will have both general theory terms as well as terms specific to postcolonial studies.

Mostly, I am relying on Wikipedia and other open source websites to create the glossary. I am also trying to add information about any further reading that might be helpful in understanding a term.

The plugin that I am using to build the glossary allows for each entry to have its own page and its own unique URL, which means you can add links to specific entries on your own blogs and websites.

I would like this to be a collaborative process, so if you have any suggestions about entries already created or if you would like me to add an entry, please use the link below to send me your suggestions.

Most importantly, please use this glossary, pass it on to your students, and add the link to your websites and blogs.