Digital Library

As you might be aware, I just recently moved my website from its earlier CMS hosting to the WordPress. While this has been a smooth move, we did, however, lose quite a bit of content, including our digital libarary, that was incompatible with the WordPress software. I have been working hard, whenever possible, to add some of the lost content.

On the old website, this was one page that received a lot of user traffic. I have now started rebuilding the it on postcolonial resources. Right now, it mostly contains links to some important essays related to postcolonial studies, but I might eventually expand it to include video lectures and even out-of-copyright books. Please feel free to use it for your own research or incorporate it in your classes: the resources are there for your educational use!

What Would be Included

Like the old library, this one will also include some canonical postcolonial texts and PDF versions of other important postcolonial studies resources such as excerpts from Edward Said’s work, some essays of Fanon, and of course some important essays by Spivak and Bhabha. The purpose is to provide the post important and the most relevant postcolonial PDF documents so that you can download and read them in your own time.

How can you help?

Of course, this could become an even more effective resource with your help. If you are interested in Postcolonialism and postcolonial theory and have some important suggestions for articles or essays to be included, you are more than welcome to contact us. Furthermore, if you have some articles that are not easily available, please feel free to share those so that we can make those available to our readers.

So, please stay tuned for more additions to the Digital Library and feel free to send me your suggestions.