Lectures on Postcolonial Topics

I am taking a few moments of your time to seek your suggestions about  a series of regular lectures on postcolonial topics. Part of my mission as a scholar and student of postcolonial studies is to share what little I know with a wider audience of students and scholars. I have found my occasional webinars on various postcolonial topics to be quite invigorating personally and they are perhaps also useful to all of you who have attended any one of these webinars

Now, after having gained some experience with live streaming, I am hoping to make this into a regular feature. Your suggestions and opinions matter a lot in this and I think we can make this venture into a success if you take a few moments to suggest any postcolonial topics of your choice.

Please also note that all of these lectures will be live-streamed to our Webinar Page, archived on our Webinar archive page and will also be available on Cross Cultural Talk, my Youtube channel.

Your Suggestions

Please use the comment box below to share your ideas and suggestions and please also SUBSCRIBE  to my Youtube channel.

Hope to hear from all of you!