Postcolonial Webinars: Future Plans

First of all, I would like to apologize to all of you who had trouble accessing my Postcolonial Webinars livestream  on Spivak’s “Can the Subaltern Speak?” Solidarity fist with red sun behind it with the words Postcolonial SpaceWhile everything was set before my visit to Pakistan, on the day of the webinar I learned that the Google Hangouts Air, the program that Iused to stream live webinars, had been discontinued. We immediately moved to the Facebook Live Stream but, to be very honest, the experience was quite disruptive for me to be able to deliver the kind of lecture I had imagined.

Now, after a little bit of research, I have found the ideal software to live stream the postcolonial Webinars: from now on we will be using Stremyard, a new service that offers wonderful easy-to-use features for live streaming. So, please stay tuned as I figure out this new platform and I will soon announce some new webinars. The webinars will still be streamed to our Live Webinars page!

I am also planning to soon offer a series of webinars that build on each other, which would be kind of like a regular class spread over a semester or so. We will see how this new software works and then plan accordingly. If you have nay topic or course of study that you think might benefit your students, please feel free to suggest so that I can add it to my list of future postcolonial webinars!

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Postcolonial Webinars: Possible Topics

Following are some of the general topics that I have in mind, but feel free to suggest any topics:

  • Lectures on Specific Theory Books
  • Lectures on Different Novels
  • Lectures on Different Pedagogical Philosophies/ Methodologies

Meanwhile, you can browse the recorded webinars on our archive page and also suggest any topics of your interest in the comment section below.