It is almost over. You are one week away from the end of this semester and the beginning of a glorious summer vacation.

The last week of the semester, however, can also be overwhelming both for students and teachers alike, especially if you think of all that is due before the end of the semester.

I have always found a few coping strategies pretty useful:

  • Think chronologically: in other words think what is due first and sequence your work accordingly.
  • If possible form a study group and share your notes and general understanding of the class.
  • Plan ahead for papers and reports. The last week is not the ideal time to start a project; it is rather a time to finish your projects.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your professors, friends, and classmates.
  • Take breaks. Go for walks. No one can work long stretches without some breaks.
  • Stay nourished and hydrated.
  • Most importantly, stay focused and move from project to project. This way you are not trying to do everything at once.

Remember, after this week you will be free to do whatever you like, but first get through this week:)