Postcolonial Theory and Literature

Summer 2014 NUML Course

Dr. Masood Raja

June 2 to Jun 26


This course will introduce you to some of the leading concepts in postcolonial scholarship along with some of the major postcolonial authors. The postcolonial cultural production can be roughly divided into three overlapping phases: the works produced during the contact phase, the native responses to colonialism, and the postcolonial cultural production both from the global periphery and the diasporic authors. Postcolonialism is a dynamic, expansive, and contested field of literary study involving a high degree of multidisciplinarity and theoretical innovation. This course will also introduce you to the early and current debates of the field and possibilities of the field in the future. We will pay special attention to the current state of high capital and neoliberal globalization and the artistic and critical responses being offered in resistance.

Required Texts

Ania Loomba. Colonialism/Postcolonialism.

Ross, Robert, ed. Colonial and Postcolonial Fiction: An Anthology 

Digital Handouts:

Said, Edward. Orientalism: “Introduction.”

Bhabha, Homi: “Signs Taken for Wonder.”

Dirlik, Arif. “The Postcolonial Aura: Third World Criticism in the Age of Global Capitalism.”

Fanon, Frantz: “On National Culture.”

Hall, Stuart. “When was the Post-colonial.”

McClintock, Anne. “The Angel of Progress: Pitfalls of the Term “Post-Colonialism.”

Shohat, Ellah. “Notes on the “Post-Colonial.”

Spivak, Gayatri. “Can the Subaltern Speak?”


Class Policies


Attendance is mandatory and exemptions from attendance will only be allowed in case of an emergency.

Class Participation:

As this is a seminar based on a discussion format, your thoughtful participation is essential to the success of the class. I encourage collegiate, open, and thought-provoking class discussions. Remember, we are all here to learn, so let us share our ideas and knowledge to make this class into a dynamic learning experience.

Weekly Schedule:

Week 1

Shohat, McClintock, Hall and Dirlik

Loomba Chapter 1 

Week 2

Saeed, Bhabha, Spivak, Fanon.

Loomba: Rest of the chapters.


Last Two weeks:

Assigned Primary Texts.

Final Exam: A three hour essay exam about the materials covered in class will be administered in the last week of class.