In postcolonial theory Imperialism always refers to the ideology that promotes a worldview in which one group of people or a nation assumes that it is inherently superior to other peoples or nations and hence has the right, or obligation, [...]

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Postcolonial Concepts: Inundation In its military usage, inundation involves the pre-planned flooding of a certain area, as a last-resort defensive measure, to impede the progress of advancing armor. The purpose of this strategy is to ensure that the most potent [...]

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Mimicry is often seen as something shameful, and a black or brown person engaging in mimicry is usually derided by other members of his or her group for doing so. (There are quite a number of colloquial insults that refer [...]

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Native, Nativism

Postcolonial Concepts: Nativism In postcolonial theory, nativism refers to the political and cultural retrieval, or attempts at it, by the colonized natives to assert the claims of their own culture against the one introduced by the colonizers. This retrieval is [...]

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