Udemy course on postmodernism

I am currently in the process of developing a Udemy course on postmodernism, which will be my second course developed for a broader audience of learners. I just recently launched my course on literary theory and about 55 people have signed up for it so far. Here I wanted to provide a Man in a blue shirtbrief introduction of the course.

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What is Included in this Udemy course on postmodernism

Overall the course has video lectures supplemented by handout and reading materials. I begin by offering a general introduction of the course , then provide a general introduction of postmodernism as a movement, and then provide lectures focused on postmodern literary studies. Overall, here are some of the things likely to be included in the course:

  • Video lectures on Important terms and concepts
  • Video lectures on the works of major literary theorists
  • Video lectures on some important postmodernist text.

Learning Outcomes:

If you watch all the videos and do the reading, you are likely to accomplish the following:

A clear understanding of postmodernism as a movement and a period.

A clear understanding of postmodern literature.

Intermediate knowledge of postmodern theory and works of its major theorists.

Ability to read postmodernist texts with a certain degree of expertise.


I will post more details later. For right now, please Use this Discount Voucher to REGISTER for the course and pass the word to others.