Creating a Udemy Course on Literary Theory

Recently, my wife and I have been discussing our plans for retirement. One important aspect of our discussions has been our desire to stay intellectually active even after we retire and also to develop some online presence so that we can sustain ourselves if we decide to retire. Even though I offer my academic work and advice free on this site and on my YouTube Channel, I decided to develop a course for an online educational website.

Choice between Udemy and

Two such platforms caught my attention during my research: Udemy and Teachable. Both are formidable platforms, but while Udemy provides all the marketing power of its own internal marketing department, Teachable expects one to promote and “sell” one’s courses. Furthermore, while you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to Teachable, there is no up front cost to producing and publishing a course on Udemy. Chances are, if you are a confident marketer, which I am not, you will be more successful on I, however, decided to create an Udemy course on Literary Theory, for Udemy’s business model suits my personal temperament batter.

Why a Udemy Course on Literary Theory?

So, in order to familiarize myself with Udemy’s website and its content, I performed a few general and specific searches on their platform. I found no worthwhile course on beginners literary theory. This was perfect for me, for I do have expertise on literary theory and here I had found one of the largest educational platforms in the world in need of a beginners course on literary theory. I immediately signed up and decided to create my course.

Udemy Guidelines

Of course I first read Udemy Guidelines, for I did not want to put in a lot of work without knowing their expectations and their approval process. I am glad I did that, for it gave me a clear idea of what would it take to get my course approved, as Udemy does perform  a Quality Control Review before they publish your course. They also list their basic requirements on their website:

Creating my Udemy Course on Literary Theory

After reading the guidelines, especially the ones about the video quality etc. I planned my course modules:

  • Video Lectures
  • Handouts
  • Quizzes
  • Extra Materials

After this, it was just a question of producing the planned videos and uploading them to the course. Now, technically you can submit your course for review after you have five lectures with at least thirty minutes of video content, but I waited for it to be a bit more developed before I submitted my course for review. I knew that I had the expertise to deliver the course, but my main concern was mostly about the technical aspects of my videos. I, therefore, used the following equipment to make sure that my video quality was professional:

For editing the videos, I used an iphone editing app called Videoleap; I found it to be a powerful editing app!

More about my Udemy Course on Literary Theory

I have declared this course to be an ever-growing course, which means that I will keep adding materials to it as and when I develop new material. I want this to be a continuously growing resource for the students.

Just in case you are interested, here is a link to the course: Literary Theory for Beginners.

My Thanks to Udemy Team

I found that not only the Udemy platform is exceedingly user-friendly, but they also have a community of published Instructors along with Udemy staff who are there to help you during all stages of your course development. There timely advice was of great help to me!

Review and approval of my Udemy Course on Literary Theory

After four days of work, I submitted my course for review. Within 24 hours I got my report back asking me to make two minor changes, which I did and resubmitted the course for review.. On the fifth day my course was approved and went LIVE! There are, at this moment, FORTY students registered for the course!


Overall, this has been a wonderful experience for me and I hope to develop more such courses. In fact, I am working on an Udemy Course on Postmodernism for advanced students! I highly recommend Udemy as a platform to design and publish your online courses!